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From Arkham House:

TONY PATRICK - first became interested in fantasy art when he saw those “mind-blowing Frazetta paintings on the covers of  Creepy and Eerie as a child.” In the mid-80’s, Tony’s first oil-on-canvas work began appearing on the covers of a series of Gothic and historical paperback novels. However, his “real-life” schedule and responsibilities forced him to discontinue the pursuit of his art for nearly ten years.

In 1997, Tony decided to drop what he calls “many unnecessary things in his life and restart his art with an aim less toward commercialism and more toward his pure love of fantasy and science fiction.”  We were so impressed by his unusual wraparound painting for FLOWERS FROM THE MOON (1998) that we immediately offered him the commission for ARKHAM’S MASTERS OF HORROR.  Tony’s most recent work includes THE CLEANSING.

Since completing these assignments, Tony  worked on an ambitious series of wraparound paintings that revamped the look of the four premier volumes of Arkham House’s definitive text editions of H. P. Lovecraft’s weird fiction: THE DUNWICHHORROR AND OTHERS, AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS AND OTHER NOVELS, DAGON AND OTHER MACABRE TALES and THE HORROR IN THE MUSEUM AND OTHER REVISIONS.  Tony Patrick lives in Cincinnati.

For more from this talented artist, you can purchase some of his art here.

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